Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils

Meeting in Romania – Sibiu

3 – 7 April 2019

Sibiu Meeting Agenda

Day 1 Activities
Day 2 Activities
Days 3 & 4 Activities

Students present short films or extracts from longer films, about meaningful and relevant social issues in their own country.
In national teams they held structured discussions on the topics and messages conveyed in such films.
They attend a workshop on DOs and DON’Ts of film-making, the stages of film-making, structure, with a focus on storylines
Finally, after the workshop, students in multicultural teams, practise screenplay writing; They are asked to alter or change the storylines of the national films in order to express the same messages as in the ready-made films.

Workshop Presentation by Denisa Laicauf
Workshop Presentation by Denisa Laicauf
Workshop Presentation by Luana Hagiu & Denisa Laicauf

Workshop Presentations (downloadable version)