EPRAMI-Escola Profissional do Alto Minho Interior

 A school identified with its region.

Driven by the institutions that are behind it, EPRAMI – The Vocational School of the Alto Minho Interior, represents a major investment of stakeholders in the region in the development of vocational training. EPRAMI will seal on the reversal of negative factors such as the failure and the exodus of young people, characteristics that persist to achieve as personal details of interiority. It is proposed to provide an alternative education for youth, diversify the skills of existing human resources and prepare for the social, economic and commercial reality of the region.

The Vocational School of the Alto Minho, with headquarters located in Paredes de Coura and two extensions – one in Monção and the other in Melgaço, has 470 students and 46 teachers. EPRAMI’s mission is to train intermediate technicians, emphasizing the “knowledge”, “know-how” and “how to” and prepare them to enter the labor market. The school wishes to provide the conditions that allow students acquiring knowledge, technical expertise but also the autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit.

The objectives of the teaching team are:

– Increase confidence and student autonomy

– Encourage teamwork,

– Expand their knowledge on artistic subjects and to link with their social and economic environment

– Make them understand the universality of Arts and Culture.

Our school also gives much importance to new technologies, reason why we always get involved in all the calls we get from Microsoft, having won the first prize in the national contest and became a Microsoft Showcase School since 2017. Some of our teachers have become Microsoft Experts and implement all new instruments and strategies in class.