EPRAMI-Escola Profissional do Alto Minho Interior

The Vocational School of the Alto Minho is situated in the small town of Paredes de Coura in the North of Portugal, near the border with Galicia – Spain. There are about 350 students and 50 teachers. Most of the pupils have socially disadvantaged backgrounds so they can’t afford theaters, concerts, exhibitions, excursions. They have very little choice how to spend their free time and most of it is spent in discussions having as central theme “Football”: either girls or boys, have an opinion about football and its outcomes but they can’t be sure about anything concerning their future career.

The school staff aim to prepare pupils for their future life using their free time and involving families, friends, surrounding society to help them to select their future jobs from an early age so that teen’s education is really complete, preventing school absence and early school leaving.

Pupils come from Paredes de Coura and more than 20 surrounding villages. Our participation aims to enable pupils from our rural area to get acquainted with pupils from other countries, to develop communication skills, to compare our culture with other cultures, to convey behavioral values, to compare the way people live and what their expectations are concerning future jobs, giving them the chance to realize that there are differences but also many similarities, mainly in EU countries.

Students will have the opportunity to broaden their outlook, to experience a real, lively touch to the culture of the other countries, to travel gaining a multicultural understanding.