“Taki Dascalo” public school

“Taki Dascalo” is a public school from Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. It is a secondary school offering both general and vocational education.

The general education offers three educational courses: – Social-humanitarian, – Natural science and mathematics, and – Language arts course.

The vocational education provides programmes and curriculum for the following mainly four-year education vocations: – Geological-mining and metallic vocation; – Mining vocation; – Textile vocation; – Traffic vocation; – Graphics vocation; – Civil engineering and land surveying vocation; – Civil engineering and architectural vocation; – Hotel management and catering vocation.

The school numbers are: about 100 teachers, 3 librarians, 4 psychologists, a pedagogue and more than 830 students, aged 14-18, coming from different social, cultural, religious and intellectual background, including children with difficulties in learning and behavior (disabilities).

It is a double shift school operating in two shifts (early morning to mid-day shift and mid-day to late afternoon shift). In addition, it is a multicultural school including students from Macedonian – greatest percentage, Roma, Turk, Albanian, Vlach and other nationalities, so we are all doing our best to build a sense of mutual respect and appreciation among students.

The school operates in two buildings connected with an inside bridge (building A and building B). The students attend lessons in classrooms equipped with computers -150 computers, (computer for each student government project); there is also a library with over 26.000 copies, special classrooms (cabinets) and practice classrooms – IT, textile, graphic, traffic and two modestly equipped gym halls for handball, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. After-school activities include Scientific research, Cultural-artistic, manufacturing, technical and sports activities.

The Mission of the four-year school development plan is focused on the ongoing professional development of the school staff, modernization of the teaching- learning process, development and implementation of the European dimensions in education and internationalization, creating conditions for life long learning.

The school vision is to promote the school in a regional education center, offering students in both general and vocational education, broaden knowledge: it is doing and will do its best to adapt and develop students’ individual abilities and needs regardless of their national, religious and social differences, in order to be competitive in the labor market in our country and abroad.