Liceo “Edoardo Amaldi”

Maria Peluso
Erasmus+ Programme Lead
Teacher of English

Liceo “Edoardo Amaldi” is a Secondary High School located in the eastern suburbs of Rome, in “Tor Bella Monaca”, which has its own economic and cultural disadvantages. The school is a Liceo Scientifico, Linguistico and Classico. It has 180 teachers and 1930 students attending lessons in 2 different buildings, both equipped with labs, libraries, indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

The Institute hosts many migrant and disadvantaged students with different special needs, therefore, the valorization of diversity without generating inequalities and the promotion of a global citizenship with its values based on the mutual understanding and respect, is a fundamental goal.

The school also offers a range of activities aiming at involving all students in informal and non-formal education providing drama and acting labs, class exchanges, volunteering, and sports activities. The school has an effective quality system, which relies on a constant process of monitoring, taking into account all the staff, students as target components. The school has had, starting in 2003, an active role in local, national and international network projects, class exchanges, related to foreign languages, cultural heritage, arts, new technologies, multicultural integration.

Just to show you something about Rome and our school