MOVe on to dIgital & be EuropeanS

MOVe on to dIgital & be EuropeanS (MOV.I.E.S.) addresses students and teachers of different subjects, coming from IT–MK –PT- RO –TR, to provide them a digital competence that will enable them to use effectively the ICT tools of XXI century society.

The project is built around activities belonging to cultural, educational and professional dimension.

Our objectives are:

– To develop practical skills related to film-making

– To enhance critical thinking skills and creativity

– To develop interpersonal and communication skills

– To let students actively approach social issues

– To recognize different cultural traits and analyze similarities and differences

– To improve digital competence and ICT skills

– To improve the level of English

The methodological approaches are based on cooperative learning, team work and learning by

doing, by using and by interacting. All the activities are student-centred while the

teachers have a role of guides and mentors.