The school is a Religious Anatolian High School located in Ataşehir, one of the central, beautiful most developed and cultural towns of İstanbul.

It has the advantage of being in a natural surrounding, on one of the highest hills of istanbul. Another advantage is that people get on well one another and it is a very safe town with no crime or vandalism.

It is a fairly new school, opened in 2013. It has a staff of about 80 people and 772 male students aged 11-18, mostly coming from middle-class economical families, and including students with special needs and some refugee and foreign students who will be involved in this project.

It is located on 12.000 m2 area, has 40 classes all equipped with smart boards and Internet, laboratories (art, science, music, computer), a library, a dining room, a garden. Curriculum includes: humanities, social and physical sciences, foreign languages, ICT, religion.

The school’s main target is to educate traditional, conservative, well-behaved, well-educated and cultural students so that our students’ motivation is to take a good education, pass university exams, have a good job and be moral individuals.

Although it is a new school, it is successful, especially in ICT, literature, languages and sports. Last year the school got the following successes: 1st degree in the Oxford placement test among the schools in Ataşehir Dodgeball winnership in Istanbul Short film mention reward In İstanbul Poem reading winnership In Ataşehir 2nd degree in discussion competitionIn Ataşehir

Besides these successes, our school made hospitality to many other cultural activities. Especially our literature teachers organize a yearly poem workshop drawing the interest of inhabitants.

Our school also is the partner of national projects such as TUBITAK. (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) We have joined 10 projects for several subjects this year. As our school is a new school, it hasn’t participated in any international projects yet. This will be the first. All the staffs including teachers, students, directors and vice principals are so willing to be the parts of this project.